Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Moved .. *sorry for the so so so late notice*

well ,
hi again ..
seriously i don't really plan to blog this post ..
but after i saw u guys msg on my chatbox ..
lol ..

okay ..
this is the msg :

this blog had been moved to

visit there .. and don't forget to leave me a msg there =)

well ,
thats all la ..
see ya !

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Intake Of Adobe Certified Experts - Professional Certification with worldwide recognization

Application begins for;

- Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. (Application ends at 15th May 2009)

Upon completion of Adobe Illustrator, graduates will be awarded with Adobe Certified Expert Certificate In Adobe Illustrator from Adobe Systems Incorporated and could perform;

Advanced drawing and path editing
• Creating template layers
• Drawing complex bezier shapes
• Setting anchor point and handle display preferences
• Using the Control panel to edit paths
• Adding and deleting anchor points
• Manipulating paths, points and direction handles
• Converting anchor points
• Simplifying paths
• Cleaning up errant paths
• Outlining strokes
• Controlling eraser tool options
• Tips for drawing better curves
• Advanced LiveTrace options

Advanced use of colour
• Editing colours using menu commands
• Extracting colours from artwork
• Replacing and merging swatches
• Using the Colour Guide panel
• Using Live Colour
• Editing colours with Live Colour
• Modifying colour in artwork
• Finding colours with Kuler

Filters and effects
• Filters vs effects
• Document Raster Effect settings
• Illustrator and Photoshop filters
• Using the Scribble effect
• Using the Transform effect to create complex transformations

Understanding appearances
• Using the Appearance panel
• Targeting object attributes
• Adding multiple attributes
• Manipulating the stacking order
• Applying Live Effects
• Editing Live Effects
• Expanding appearances

Saving time with styles
• Applying styles
• Creating and modifying styles

Creating patterns
• Creating symmetrical patterns
• Creating complex patterns
• Saving pattern swatches

Creating transparent art
• Displaying transparency
• Applying transparency to simple objects, groups and layers
• Applying transparency to individual object attributes
• Working with opacity masks
• Flattening transparency artwork
• Guidelines for successful output

Using clipping masks
• Working with clipping masks
• Modifying clipping masks

Advanced use of symbols
• Creating symbols
• Managing symbols
• Creating symbol libraries
• Symbols and Flash

Compound shapes and paths
• Understanding Compound shapes and paths
• Controlling transparency
• Editing compound paths

Working in 3D
• Creating custom 3D shapes
• Creating 3D type
• Using lighting effects
• Wrapping artwork onto 3D art

Working with imported images
• Placing vs embedding images
• Displaying layer comps
• Using the Links panel
• Applying spots to greyscales

Trimming artwork
• Creating crop and trim marks
• Using the Crop Area tool

Creating high resolution PDFs
• Creating PDFs
• Global PDF export options

Preparing for print
• Cleaning up your files
• Advanced printing concerns

Upon completion of Adobe InDesign, graduates will be awarded with Adobe Certified Expert Certificate In Adobe InDesign from Adobe Systems Incorporated and could perform;

Managing Your Workspace

Organizing Your Palettes
Advanced Zooming and Navigation
Advanced View Options
Dragging Items Between Documents
Third-Party plug-ins
Page Layout

Master Page Tips and Tricks
Using Facing Pages
Using Libraries
File Formats

Advanced Style Sheet Tips
Managing Long Documents
Table of Contents
Text Gradients
Hyphenation and Justifi cation
Tracking and Kerning

Mastering the Pen Tool
Pen Tool Shortcuts
Compound Paths
Where Text Meets Graphics

Inline Graphics
Creating Type Outlines
Text Wrap Options
sing Transparency
Importing and Exporting

Adding Excel or Word Tables
Import Text Options
Import Graphic Options
PDF Styles
Export Options
Long Documents

Adding Indexes
Using Table of Contents
Numbering & Section Options
The XML Factor

What is XML?
Adding Structure with XML
Exporting to XML
Mapping Styles to Tags
Tips for Working with XML
Libraries for Effi cient XML Production

Using the Eyedropper to Create New Swatches
Spot or Process?

Using Printer Styles
Colour Separations
Understanding the Print Menu
The Transparency Flattener
Preflight and Package

Using the Script palette
Editing the Scripting Label


- minimum 13 years of age
- basic computer skills

Apply now at;

Penang, Malaysia
SayPBS Creative Laboratories
24, Jalan Moulmein,
Pulau Tikus, 10350 Penang.
Tel : 016-4730225

- Course duration is 6 months.
- fees as low as RM 1800.00 per course

* Print this application agreement and send it to us for application.
* Print this course and examination agreement and send it to us for application.

Or at

United Kingdom
Multimedia Centre
Head Office
Lower Castle Street
Bristol BS1 3AG

Tel. +44 (0)845 686 0266
Fax +44 (0)845 280 0100

- Course duration is 4 days.
- fees as low as RM 6237.00 per course


Academy Class Ltd
Centre for Media Excellence
7A Bayham Street, Mornington Crescent
London NW1 0EY

- Course duration is 4 days.
- fees as low as RM 5600.00 per course


Alpha Computer Consultants
Level 3, 123 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 61 2 9299 4570
Fax: 61 2 9299 4429
Tel: 1300 880 860

- Course duration is 5 days.
- fees as low as RM 5800.00 per course


United States
Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc
420, 5th Ave @ 38th St
New York, NY 10018
Toll Free: 877/819-2665

- course duration is 3 days
- fees as low as RM 6120.00 per course

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Haiz....more and more friends are leaving these days...
I wonder..
When's my turn...
I don't want to leave my friends and of course my family...
I don't want to live without friends...
They are just...
Just too important for me...

Peeli,Hilson,Yong Xiang and still got others...
They all are good friends...
Especially hilson...
We used to have great memories...

Last thing to say....

To all of you...
We used have great memories...
And pee li...
You're the joker of our form...
Feels so sad laaa
Last thing to say..
For all of you...

Friendship Never Ends

Saturday, January 3, 2009

End of holiday

hahh, today is the last day for the whole holiday of two months liao ...

last day of holiday ..sure needa go spend some time squander around d marh...hahh .... going out liao ... go megamall, butteworth to shopping ..xD

by the way .... i miss you so much ...

Thursday, December 25, 2008


today was Christmas .. i'm working .. as usual .. hahh ... komtar and prangin mall was flooded with peoples today... this is the first time ever i saw komtar got so many people came... even prangin mall .. today is the first day ever .. i can't even walk fast since there are crowds ..

well .. today my sale is not very good .. hahh .. sold 6 cell phone ... =( .. aikz ..
by the way .. today got something happened at night, while its about time to close the shop. Pacific are opening until 12am for this two days .. which is yesterday and today.. so at 8.30pm also there are people around...

Suddenly .. a aunty came to my shop ... it was kinda wierd because as she walk in , my collegues ask her to find me .. its very wierd .. as they keep laughing while they ask her to find me ... the aunty was quite old ... skinny .. and look very very weak .. its okayy .. i walk forward to serve her as usual ..

i ask her whether what can i help her ... she ask me for the charger for her cell phone ... so as usual , i ask to have a look at her cellphone ... but after she took it out .. guess what ... its a toy cell phone .. i was like WTF ..

then after that i just realized that she got some problem with her mental .. at first i taught it was funny and fooled around her .. then after a while .. i started to feel pity at her ... she told me that her sister used to work at pacific before .. and her sister just got an accident.. bone fracture ...

seriously i felt pity at her ... then for the first time ever , i took out one rm10 from my pocket and gave her .. i ask her to get herself something to eat .. she looked too skinny .. aikz .. really do pity this kind of people ...

hahh .. by the way ... yesterday was one of my girl friend's birthday .. *p/s : its girl friend not girlfriend don't think till other way xD* ... so .. if you're looking at my blog right now , happy birthday Zai Yie .. =P